by MiggieCoach


Being the mother of a gay son can present a complex emotional challenge. It’s often easier to accept homosexuality in others, but when it’s your own child, feelings of shame and misinformation can cloud your understanding. This can make it difficult to adapt to the new reality and let go of expectations and dreams. When […]

Starting from Scratch? Is It Really Possible?

‘Our past shapes us, but it does not define us. We never truly start from zero.’ – @miggiecoach Last year, I had the great pleasure of giving an online talk on this subject, and I received excellent positive comments. In this article, I would like to capture the main ideas from my presentation. Many times, […]

Achieving Professional Development as an Immigrant in the United States

Starting a new career in a foreign country may come with uncertainties, but it also brings numerous possibilities for personal and professional advancement. Navigating the Job Market: Tailoring Your Resume: Customize your resume to align with American standards and highlight your skills and experiences. Miggie Fernandez-Leon emphasizes the importance of showcasing your adaptability. Networking: Build […]

Embracing New Beginnings as an Immigrant in the United States

Immigrating to a new country is a courageous step that requires resilience and an open heart. It’s an opportunity for growth, exploration, and creating a new identity. Cultural Adaptation: Language and Communication: Language is a bridge to understanding and connection. Embrace language learning as a way to interact with others and fully engage in your […]